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Quickly access licensing terms, conditions, and supplemental information relevant to the use of products and services licensed through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

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ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(English)(December2016) English Third Party North America , EU-EFTA , MEA-EE, WW, EMEA, NZ, India, AUS
ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(Chinese (Simplified))(December2016) Chinese Simplified Third Party Asia , PRC, MLY
ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(French)(December2016) French Third Party North America , EU-EFTA , MEA-EE, EMEA
ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(Japanese)(December2016) Japanese Third Party Asia , Japan
ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(Portuguese (Brazil))(December2016) Portuguese Brazil Third Party LatAm, Brazil
ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(Korean)(December2016) Korean Third Party Asia , KOR
ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(Russian)(December2016) Russian Third Party MEA-EE, EMEA
ServicesProviderUseRights(Worldwide)(Spanish)(December2016) Spanish Third Party EU-EFTA , WW, LatAm, EMEA