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Product Licensing Web is now Product Licensing Search, providing quick access to licensing terms, conditions and supplemental information relevant to the use of products licensed through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

Office Standard 2013
On this page, you can find information for a particular product or product family. This information is taken directly from the Microsoft Licensing Product Use Rights and the Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing documents.

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Product Use Rights

For specific details on a particular product, and how that product may be deployed and used, customers should review the Definitions and General Use Rights and Restrictions for each applicable Microsoft software and product.
Note: Not all software and products may have rights and restrictions, also known as "exceptions", per product category.

Product List

The Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing provides information monthly about Microsoft software and Online Services licensed through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

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DA L L&SA SA Campus &
School Units
EA &
EA Sub
Office Standard 2013 10/12 2 3 1         P    
Note: If the cell for the product is blank then the product is not currently offered in the program.
*For Select Plus only the ‘L’ and three year values for ‘L&SA’ / ’SA’ will be used.

Product Notes


Office Standard 2013

  • Work at Home (WAH) license available for Select License Customers
  • Work at Home (WAH) license available for Enterprise Agreement Customers
Office Standard 2013:
A License for Office Standard 2013 consists of the following: Excel 2013, OneNote 2013, Outlook 2013, Office Home and Student RT 2013 Commercial Use, Office Web Apps, PowerPoint 2013, Publisher 2013, and Word 2013.

Inability to Separate Microsoft Office Standard 2013:
Office Standard 2013 consists of more than one product offered under a single license. The software may not be separated for use on more than one computer.

Please remember: The terms and conditions of your volume license agreement, and the product use rights documented in that agreement, govern your use of products licensed from Microsoft. While we have endeavored to facilitate your access to and understanding of the product use rights through this online tool, your use of this site should not serve as a substitute for reading and understanding your volume license agreement. We will work to keep the contents of this site consistent with the governing volume license documentation, but in the case of conflicting content, you should refer to the terms and conditions of your agreement.

If you acquire licenses under the GSA our GIA programs, please contact your reseller or Microsoft licensing executive for the applicable license agreement/product use rights.

Note, because of the way that the Product Use Rights are designed, some provisions may appear that relate to other products, as noted in these pages.

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